The world's first manufacturer of alcoholic hand disinfectant

BODE CHEMIE is a German company founded in 1924. These companies using international standards of hygiene and infection control, is the most famous companies in this field. Building on our products, pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare, based on the German Drug Law GMR, GMP, MED CERT and the CE.
Today, the company has been able to carry out advanced research and numerous facilities, more than 400 different products in 50 different countries world-class solutions for antiseptic cleaners skin, and the body, items and surfaces produce.
Nzmyn Trading Co., said in an exclusive BODE CHEMIE, hopes proud to have played an important role in the health-care needs. The Company has the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health Drug Administration Vadarh equipment, Pasteur Institute of Virology and School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, Tehran. At present the company's products in major medical centers and dental clinics in the city of Tehran and is regularly distributed.The company's most famous product, the alcoholic antiseptic solution, Sterillum protective factor against perspiration and skin. Sterillum in 1965 as the first hand-made alcoholic antiseptic solution, and is now more than four decades around the world as the best solution for disinfecting hands, (according to the standards of prEn 12054 prEn 12791) known. No need to dilute the solution.It only took 5 minutes and 30 seconds for the operating expenses for Health
Can be achieved with a long-term and lasting antiseptic effect, and the addition of glycerol caused due to dryness of the skin is not sensitive.

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